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SUNSHINE Brand 5v Dc Power Supply For Mobile Repairing And Charging With Digital Screen

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Sunshine 3A DC power supply

1. Have one USB port for testing and charing
2. Short circuit testing function; Support 3A current
3. Adjust current grear for 3A/2A/300mA
4. Adjust gear for 5V/15V/ custom voltage
5. Made with iron structure, real material
6. Support mobile phone signal testing



1. Automatic protection 

2. Auto reply

3. Voltage measurement (measuring range: 1-50V)

4. GSM signal test 

5. 0.3A, 2A, 3A currant transformation 


Nominal working regulation

1. Power supply voltage: 220V +/- 10% for 50/60Hz

    (According to requirments can also be set at 110V+/- 10% for 50/60Hz)

2. Working conditions temperature:  -10℃ to 40℃

3. Relative humidity: < 80%


Work state

1. Output voltage: 0-15 V (adjustable)

2. Output current: 0-3A

3. Recovery time: 100us or less

4. Ripple noise 1 MVRMS or less (RMS)

5. Protect the start is greater than the maximum 10% of the nominal value


Direction for use

1. AC input: ac input is 220V +/-10% for 50Hz (if it is 110V +/- 10% for 60HZ will be in the back of

my case)

2. Instructions: do not use where the environmental temperature 40  ℃, left and right sides and

machine should leave enough space in the back, good for heat dissipation. Power tube temperature

can reach 100  ℃, use for a long time, please do not touch.


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